Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Now that swim team is almost over for the summer and we haven't started back to school quite yet, the boys are looking for fun things to do with their time. We do spend plenty of time outdoors. However, when we come inside, I don't want them spending all of their free time on TV and video games. So, I've listed some of our favorite board games that they enjoy playing along with my wish list of games that I would like to purchase this year.

Favorite Games:
Amazing Labyrinth by Ravensburger
Five Crowns
Made for Trade
Rush Hour
Spy Alley

Wish list:
Qwirkle Cubes
The Dangerous Book for Boys Game
Ticket to Ride

Besides games, my boys love to build things. One of their favorites is KEVA planks. Click on the picture below to see more pictures...

One other item on my wish list (because the boys have requested it) is Speed Stacks. It looks like loads of fun.

Check out this video...


  1. Speed stacks are lots of fun, but I will say my kids quickly grew out of the novelty of them. Honestly, I would get some smaller plastic cups at the dollar store and see how your kids take to it... Just because mine after about a month told me to put the ones we got them on freecyle.

  2. Thanks for the advice! I will check around for some inexpensive cups first. If they still seem interested, then I'll invest in a set.