Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snead State Community College Youth Programs

Lego Engineering - In partnership with All About Learning

Video Game Making - Online:
Learn how to design and modify your own exciting arcade style video games.You`ll learn how to control characters, objects and outcomes in your game, then increase the difficulty level and add more features. Graphics Design and Graphics Animation topics will also be covered. Learn how to design your own version of PacMan and several others. This class is appropriate for Ages 10 and older. This course is taught by Senior Instructor Rob Mayo of All About Learning, Inc. This course IS instructor facilitated. You should have a fast Internet connection which should be faster than dial-up. If you have a DSL or Cable modem, then you should be fine. Your computer must meet minimum system requirements. This class is 7 weeks in length. Your 7 weeks will begin when you register and pay for this class at this website.
Cost: $129 per person

Lego Engineering - Online:
This class is an on-line version of our ever popular Elementary Engineering as an on-site class in a classroom. This class is held on-line. Once registered for this course, you will be sent a LEGO® kit with over 1,000 very advanced LEGO® parts and pieces. When you receive the kit in the mail, then you are ready to take the class. Yes, you keep the kit when the class is over! The class consists of engineering theory and instruction reinforced by immediate building, plus 6 very complex building exercises. This class is for the serious builder! Suggested for ages 8 and
Cost: $129 per person

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