Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Into Reading ~ Review: Green

O.K., I know I'm really behind... but I've finally finished reading Green, by Ted Dekker. This is the fourth book of a previous trilogy. Confused? Well, the fourth book is actually the end and the beginning of the story, making the series a circle - and yes, the name of the trilogy is The Circle Trilogy. So, I guess it does make sense after all.

I absolutely loved the books in the trilogy when I first read them a couple of years ago and anxiously awaited for this new book to be released. I'm not disappointed. It was fabulous. If you like Ted Dekker, you should definitely read this series. Even though it is a circle and you could technically start with Green, I would start with Black and progress through Red, White and finish with Green. I think it makes more sense that way, but that could just be me.

This story is filled with betrayal and hope, the Apocalypse and great redemption, expressions of good and evil, hate and love. Love being the central theme of all the books. It was an action packed, heart pounding, fast paced adventure that alternates between two realities. With all of the twist and turns, I'm sure you will be reading late into the night like I was.

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