Monday, November 2, 2009


Friday, Nathan and Ryan carved pumpkins and decorated the front porch for Halloween. I made a big pot of chili (an annual tradition) for Saturday night so they would have something hearty to offset all of the candy.

Nathan's pumpkin:

Ryan's pumpkin:

The weather forecast called for rain on Saturday. Thankfully, the rain did not come, and the weather was cool and dry. David went up to church to help out with a carnival while Nathan and Ryan went around the neighborhood trick or treating. Nathan dressed up as a bandit and Ryan was a rock climber. We also had some friends come by with their boys who like to go around the neighborhood with ours. Everyone had a great time.

I usually stay on the front porch and hand out candy. But, since it was quite cool outside, I decided to stay inside by the fireplace, watch football, socialize with our friends and just answer the door. The reason that I usually stay on the porch is because we have so many kids come by. We will normally have between 400-500 hundred kids. {I wish we had been warned when we bought our house} There is always a traffic jam on our street with cars, trucks and tractors pulling trailers full of hay and kids :)

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