Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Gratitude Challenge

The point of this challenge is to blog about something your grateful for. So, here are my top 6:

Grace ~ Thankful and grateful to God for everything
My family ~ A great husband and three wonderful and rambunctious boys
My friends ~ A great group (many are homeschoolers as well)
Homeschooling ~ I have an opportunity to learn with my children & spend lots of time outdoors
Household ~ I'm very grateful to have everything I need and the ability to be content
Chocolate ~ Everything goes better with chocolate!


Another lovely day, another clean slate!
Another day to work on an already full plate.
What will we do first? Reading, Writing, Math?
What if something unexpected shows up in our path?

Another lovely day, another quandary arises,
How do we teach these children of different shapes and sizes?
Shall we follow Book A, or Idea B, or the voice of the "pro?"
Can we follow our hearts on which way we should go?

Little Suzy wants to make a pattern for a doll,
but she's "behind" in algebra, and can't spell much at all,
And little Johnny is working on a project made of wood,
but what about his "social studies?" And other things he "should...."

Grandma needs some help, but our workbooks are a-waiting!
There are other shut-ins with a visit anticipating.
And what about that neighbor with the baby on the way?
Can our "studies" suffer if she needs our help today?

There are many things that pull us daily
this-a-way and that,
And we can get so sidetracked, that our accomplishments fall flat.
The path is bright and our feet will go, if only we will pray,
And listen to the voice of God, who leads us the right way.

Relationships are more important, inside our homes, and out,
and how we treat each other is what homeschooling is about,
It's not wrong to be good spellers, but if we lie and cheat and steal,
And if we hate our brother, good grades are no big deal.

So dear homeschool Mom, don't worry and don't fret.
If little Johnny can not read as well as you think, yet,
and little Suzy will learn her math, while baking for the neighbor,
and friendships formed inside your home will strengthen, so don't waver!

If you will pray and seek His face for each question on your heart,
And read His word, and know His voice, you will know right where to start,
Don't be tossed to and fro by this world's ideas and plans,
Listen to your Lord, your lives are in His Hands.

Written by, Nancy Baetz


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