Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Personal challenge - groceries

How is it that I can spend so much time researching and planning curriculum, but not have the same enthusiasm when it comes to purchasing household items like groceries? I take my time to research and find the absolute best curriculum for my kids. I try to save by purchasing what I can used or second hand. When purchasing new items I check for free or discounted shipping codes. But, somehow I don't take the time to use grocery coupons. Ugh...

I've got to become a better shopper. I'm already on a fairly tight budget, but there is always room for improvement. Especially if I start using coupons on a regular basis, shop using local sale papers, and take advantage of the Walgreen's "game". In other words, I know what I could or should be doing, but just haven't taken time for.

So this is my personal challenge for myself, to see how much I can save if I put a little effort into it. Learning the ins and outs of the savings game reminds me of how confusing and overwhelming it was when I first started looking at homeschool curriculum. But, somehow I worked my way through all of the information and came up with a plan that, for the most part, works well for our family. I need to do the same with my household purchases.

I plan on keeping an expense log to track my savings and post my results. I'm excited to see how it adds up and how much I can save by the end of the year.

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