Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 11 Review

I should have known that after getting so much done last week, it wouldn't last...

This week looked like this:

Monday - Columbus Day: Covered short Columbus day activity and the basics (reading, writing, math, science, and history). Nathan and Ryan had music lessons then played with their friends.

Tuesday - Co-op and 4-H meeting (with photography contest)

Wednesday - David had PSAT testing all morning. Nathan and Ryan got school done early and played that afternoon.

Thursday - Field Trip to Birmingham Children's Theatre with Nathan and Ryan. David stayed home to get his work done.

Friday - Boys got the basics covered and David had a music lesson. I cancelled the chemistry lab group for the week, because I had a migraine.

Saturday - Woke up to cold weather (probably the reason for my migraine the day before) and dh starts a fire in the wood burning stove. Next thing I know, there was apparently a down draft which caused a smokey haze to fill the house. By the time the boys alert me (I had gone back to bed), the smoke was enough to set off the smoke detector - which, of course is tied in with our alarm system. This happened once last year, so I knew I had to get a fan in the hallway to clear the haze because it is the only way to get the alarm to stop blaring. The boys opened all of the windows and doors. Dh went to check on the fireplace but didn't pick up the phone when the security center called. He came upstairs and asked if I picked it up. Huh? I couldn't hear anything over the alarm. Ugh, now I have to call the company so that the fire department doesn't come blaring up to the house looking for a fire. We called in time for the fire trucks to be called off (they were on the way - oops), but the Fire Marshall did stop by to make sure everything was alright. Well, after all that excitement the rest of the day was spent with a much safer activity - watching college football.

Sunday - Quiet day, thankfully - church, chores and looking over lesson plans for next week.

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