Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 10 Review

Our week in review:

Language Arts:
We worked through the usual grammar, vocabulary, spelling, handwriting, writing and reading lessons this week. Nathan and Ryan are still enjoying utilizing spelling city (online) and it makes my job a little easier.
Ryan is also getting his story/novel outlined for next month (Young Writers Program). Nathan will probably write a short story or essay next month, I haven't decided which yet. David is practicing for the PSAT test next week.

This week they read/covered: The War of 1812: Second Fight for Independence, Our Flag Was Still There, The Great Little Madison, Our Country's Presidents (James Madison) and we are still slowly reading (savoring) Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire. David is also working through The Last of the Mohicans.

I blog about our weekly history lessons in detail at the beginning of each week. This week we covered James Madison and the War of 1812.

We had a break from Co-op this week because we are half way through our fall term. Even with the break, Nathan and Ryan still had science assignments to complete. This week they worked through the Module 2 study guide. David is continuing with his chemistry lessons and working with his weekly lab group.

Nathan and Ryan are currently working through a unit study on fractions. They also applied their math skills to the test by baking chocolate chip cookies. They turned out pretty good. I am getting them ramped up for a larger cooking with fractions project. David is practicing for the PSAT test next week.

We worked through a couple of logic worksheets, a latin and french lesson this week. Things are moving slow in this department. But, there are only so many hours in a day and basics come first.

4-H Photography projects:
Nathan and Ryan are finishing up their photography projects and getting ready for the photo contest next week.

Outdoor Pursuits:
The weather has not been cooperating much lately, but DH did take Ryan out hiking in the canyon (Little River National Preserve) where they marked some waypoints on our GPS. Nathan and Ryan have both been riding their bikes quite a bit this week... when it wasn't raining outside. David white water kayaked part of Little River Canyon because the water level was very high (due to all of the recent rain). He also did a little bouldering at Cherokee Rock Village with a friend.

Even though we had a break from our Co-op group this week, we were still quite busy.


  1. Wow! What a fun AND productive week you all had.
    Nothing better than a batch of chocolate chip cookies!

  2. Yes, I have found that everything goes better with chocolate!