Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Training for a triathlon

Nathan and Ryan continue to train for their upcoming triathlon. Today, I took them up to our local recreation center to run on the track. I don't think they are worried about any of the individual events (swimming, biking and running). But, after doing all three events back to back to back, I know they will be exhausted! They are somewhat competitive with each other, but are not trying to break any records. Their goal is just to finish the race. Plus, it is something that their older brother has never done. So, that alone seems to be enough incentive for them - along with the t-shirt and medal everyone receives for finishing the race :)

David can't participate in the race because he is too old. His birthday is four days before the cut-off date.

Countdown to race day: 11 days (September 13th)

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