Saturday, September 19, 2009

Week 7 Review

Finally, a full week of school. Sometimes it is hard to get back into the groove after a short week, but we were ready to get back to our routine.

We accomplished our school goals for the week, attended Co-op, music lessons, chemistry labs, band practice and the first 4-H meeting of the year.

Nathan and Ryan are working on a 4-H project (photography), which will be due next month. David is enjoying his driving privileges and looking for a part time job.

I should have scanned some of their work into the computer to get better pictures, but here are a few quick snap shots of handwriting and math. I keep forgetting to do this before I grade it and file it away. Ugh...

A page from Ryan's handwriting assignments

Nathan's fraction math review sheet

The house is clean (for the most part), I have laundry going, chili simmering on the stove and college football on TV. I love fall.

So, what have I not finished this week- closets. I have started, but I'm no where close to being done. So far I have one bag of clothes that I need to give away. I will probably have at least 8-10 bags by the time I'm done. At this rate, I'll be done by Halloween.

DH and David are kayaking down part of Little River Canyon today. Nathan and Ryan had a friend sleep over last night and are busy playing. So that leaves me time to research on the computer, read, finish my lesson plans for next week and work on those closets.

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