Saturday, September 5, 2009

Truly Blessed

I was planning on posting pictures of our camping trip. I even had a great opportunity to take a great close up picture of a deer. He must have thought I had food, because he came within five feet of me. I reached for my camera and then realized that the memory card was at home! My camera does not have any internal memory... ugh.

Nathan and Ryan enjoyed playing Frisbee disc golf at the campsite and going on spider hunts. Despite the rain, they found ways to stay occupied. They even ran experiments on the best method of roasting marshmallows.

Meanwhile, David was a volunteer worker with True Adventure Sports yesterday. He worked 14 hours straight and didn't even have time for any meal breaks. He worked with rappelling and rock climbing tours from early morning until mid afternoon. Then he worked with a cave tour and finished up just before 10 pm. He came back to camp exhausted and dazed. What I didn't realize until this morning, was that on the way back to camp, he and another volunteer were in a slight car accident. They were not traveling fast. But, as they were going down a hill and around a curve the driver hydroplaned and hit a small tree on the side of the road. I know that they were not traveling fast, because the only damage to the car was the front fender. The air bags did not deploy and the tree only lost the outer layer of bark. It could have been much worse. Especially considering that they were traveling on the canyon rim road (Little River Canyon National Preserve) and the tree they hit was on the canyon side. If they had been speeding, they could have gone over the edge and ended up at the bottom of the canyon. Although I would never want anyone to be in an accident, this was a good lesson for David. Even though he wasn't driving, he now knows that a small amount of water on the road is all that is needed to loose control and hydroplane . The roads were wet because it had been drizzling and softly raining off and on all day. However, I truly feel blessed that he and the other volunteer were not hurt and the damage was minimal. Hopefully, this is a lesson that David will carry with him as he takes his driver's license road test later this week.

David and DH are both volunteering with True Adventure Sports tonight. They are working on an extreme night hike at Cherokee Rock Village that begins at midnight and will go until the wee hours of the morning. I think David will have plenty of volunteer hours for awhile.

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