Friday, September 4, 2009

Week Five Review

Although we are on our regular school schedule now, we did not complete everything on our list this week. Somehow, we didn't get to our Latin lessons - at all! I had them scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday. I figured they could do their Latin lesson and attend Co-op on Tuesday. In my mind, I felt that it should work. However, I now know that the lesson needs to be done before we leave for Co-op. Because, by the time we get home from Co-op on Tuesdays, they are eager to go outside and play. I don't normally have a problem with getting lessons done on Thursdays, but I had to move David's chemistry lab group from Friday afternoon to Thursday afternoon this week because of a conflicting field trip. So, Latin got dropped because I needed to get the kids started on their chemistry labs. Hopefully, I've got this figured out now and we will get to our Latin lessons from now on.

What else did I not get to? Well, I have not started cleaning out the closets. I really need to since summer is quickly coming to an end and fall is almost here. But, somehow it was all I could do this week to get the school work (minus the Latin), basic house cleaning, laundry and cooking done.

I would like to think that next week will run more smoothly, but I know better. Monday is a holiday (Labor Day) and on Wednesday, my oldest son David, turns 16! So, at some point we will need to go down to the DMV so he can take the road test and (hopefully) get his drivers license.

Also, David has informed me that one morning this week, he along with one of his homeschool friends and church youth minister are being interviewed live, via Skype, on Fox News in Cleveland, Ohio. Apparently, they made a funny (spoof) video to one of their news stories and they want to interview them. I don't know which day it will be yet, but David said it will be early, around 6 am. (yikes!)

This weekend, we plan to go camping. We will probably do some rock climbing or rappelling if the weather holds out. I'm going to try to enjoy the long weekend because I know this week will be a busy one.

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  1. 16, Wow, Happy Birthday to your son!

    Thanks for sharing your week!