Monday, August 3, 2009

1st Day of School

Hurray! Today was our first day of school. Here is what we did...

First, I gave my younger boys their Schultuete's. Inside Nathan and Ryan's cones I placed packs of new pencils, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue sticks, rulers and erasers. I put all of my older son's school supplies in a small gift bag because he doesn't care about all of the "fuss" and games my younger boys enjoy. His gift bag contained mechanical pencils, extra pencil lead, erasers, pens, highlighters, white board markers, Post-It flags, White Out Correction Tape and a Thumb Drive.

I didn't have time this year to decorate their cones as much as I usually do. However, the boys didn't mind, they just really enjoy the tradition.

After they went through their school supplies and looked through their new school books, I sent Nathan and Ryan on a treasure hunt. This year all of the clues were written in riddles. They had so much fun running around the house searching for the clues that lead to the treasure.

The treasure included a Fingerprinting Kit, Thread Art Craft Kit, Mentos Geyser Tube, Touchable Bubbles, along with a couple of new books (Homer Price, The Great Brain and The Shakespeare Stealer).

After working on a few reading and writing exercises, they spent time playing detective by going around the house "lifting" fingerprints and trying to figure out who they belonged to. They also had fun with the bubbles by putting the wand in front of an air-conditioning vent and watching the bubbles fly around the room, and then run around and try to catch them.

Later the boys went outside to test out the mentos and diet coke experiment. It is one of their all time favorite experiments and they never seem to get tired of it.

Lunch consisted of hotdogs and hamburgers followed by ice cream. After lunch, the boys finished their chores and attended music lessons. Then they spent time playing with their neighborhood friends. It was a busy day, but I think we are off to a great start.

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