Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week Two Review

This week has flown by. In school, we continued with Bible, reading and writing while adding in spelling, vocabulary and math.

On Monday, the boys had their music lessons. Tuesday, we had our Co-op orientation meeting where I handed out the first assignment for my science classes. The assignments are to be completed by the first week of Co-op. So, Nathan and Ryan (who are both in my class) have also started their science studies this week. We are slowly but surely easing into our school schedule.

David went camping and rock climbing with some friends at Cherokee Rock Village. Nathan and Ryan have been playing with some neighborhood friends, swimming (in our pool) and playing disc golf.

While we are still schooling lite, I'm trying to catch up on some housework. At our house, as a general rule, when we get a lot of school work done, then the housework seems to suffer. And, if the house is clean, then we probably didn't get as much school work done. So, this week I've concentrated on finishing the never ending ironing basket. I feel like if I can tackle one project a week, eventually I will be caught up.

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