Friday, August 21, 2009

Week Three Review

Well, another week has flown by again. We are continuing to ramp up our studies. This week we added grammar, logic and science (first full week of study with Co-op class). David also started his Political Science class at Co-op. Plus, I'm working on our history lesson plans, since we will be starting those next week.

It has rained here off and on this week, so the boys haven't had the opportunity to do much outdoors. All three boys did get in a little bit of swimming in our pool, but that's about it. Nathan and Ryan are planning on competing in a kids triathlon next month, so in addition to the swimming, they have been riding their bikes around the neighborhood. At some point I need to take them up to the track at the recreation center so they can practice running. Hopefully, the weather will improve next week.

As far as my projects go, I tackled the ironing last week. I was able to finish and actually found the bottom of the basket! Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it up. Next, I need to work on cleaning out the closets. This will probably take a few weeks to complete. But, it really needs to be done. Especially with fall just around the corner. Now, I just need to get motivated...

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