Sunday, August 9, 2009

First week review and reflections

We have finished our first week of school, and are doing well. We schooled lite, only concentrating on Bible, reading and writing. Next week we will add in vocabulary, spelling and math. We also have a Co-op orientation meeting on Tuesday.

Besides our academic studies, we have had plenty of time to enjoy several outdoor activities. In addition to rock climbing earlier in the week, David went to Six Flags with some friends to use his free return ticket from Homeschool Day in May. He also spent time teaching some friends how to roll a kayak in our pool. Saturday, DH took Nathan and Ryan to swim at Blue Hole in Little River Canyon National Preserve. I stayed home to finish some planning for my science class while David completed his chores. This afternoon we plan on going to Cloudland Canyon State Park to play Disc Golf.

David practicing his kayak rolls in the pool.

Video clip of Ryan on a rope swing.

Video clip of Nathan jumping from a tree.

They find this to be more fun than just going out in the backyard and swimming in our pool - go figure :)

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