Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mastery Club

This is something that I started last year for Nathan and Ryan. Basically, it is a list of facts for kids to learn by researching the answers for themselves. This is the website that I ran across that inspired me to start this last year: http://www.mrsrenz.net/masteryclub.htm.

I took the original list and tweaked it for use in our classroom. Here is my list:
Mastery Club

I also printed off some of the free worksheets (see the bottom of my blog) and sorted them into a file box by category. They always had the option to pull out a worksheet, complete it and have it count towards their stars.

By completing several activities, the boys could earn a small reward. Last year they earned a prize for every ten items they completed off the list. The prize was usually something like an ice cream cone, milk shake, Redbox movie rental, or a trip to the Dollar Store. At the end of the year, I printed off a certificate with the total number of "stars" that they earned over the course of the year.

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